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Who loves a great travel hack? I know I do! After spending the last decade traveling around the U.S. and the world, I’ve picked up lots of travel tips and tricks that will help you have the best trip possible.

These tips will help you travel smarter, save time, be safer, save money, and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

So here are my best travel tips and hacks for an amazing trip!
Travel Tips and Hacks

Pay with points. Use your travel reward credit cards to offset your transportation or accommodation costs. The Best Travel Reward Credit Cards have no foreign transaction fees and let you earn travel rewards from everyday purchases.

Book Airbnbs to save money on your accommodation and to experience a destination like a local.

Take a spare credit or debit card in case your primary card is stolen, lost, or declined.

Always check multiple airfare sites. When I’m looking for flights, I always check at least three of These Flight Finder Sites to compare rates and make sure I’ve found the best deal.

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Always keep two changes of clothes, toiletries, medications, and important documents in your carry-on bag in case your checked bag is lost or delayed.

Bring enough feminine products and medication for your entire trip in case you can’t get your preferred brand or supplies where you’re going.

Make sure you always have a portable charger in your bag. For your safety, you never want to be without a charged phone. Plus, you don’t want to risk your camera dying before you’ve taken all your epic photos.

Have extra copies of all important documents, and take pictures of your passport, driver’s license, and credit and bank cards.

Travel Tips and Hacks

Have a fully-stocked first-aid kit with you at all times. You don’t need to go overboard; just take the basics that will fit in a pouch you can carry in your day pack – band-aids, Neosporin, Tums, aspirin, etc.

Buy travel insurance. Travel insurance is one of the best investments you can make on your trip. Travel insurance usually only costs 4-10% of your trip budget, and this insurance can save you lots of money if your trip is canceled or delayed.

If vaccinations are required for your destination, make sure you have your vaccination records with you. I’d bring an electronic and a hard copy of these records.

Keep some spare Toilet Paper in your purse or day pack, just in case.

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Have your cell phone and data services sorted out before you arrive at your destination. You don’t want to be trying to figure out phone plans and sim cards when you’re jet-lagged and in a new place.

Don’t hesitate to spend money if it’s for your safety or peace of mind. Pay for a taxi instead of walking back to your hotel at night.

Bring a power strip if you have lots of electronics. This keeps you from having to buy multiple adaptors and needing lots of outlets.

Have drinks and snacks with you on walking tours to keep from buying these near famous landmarks where they’ll be expensive.

Travel Tips and Hacks

Pack light. You never need as much as you think you do, especially when it comes to clothes and shoes. If you’re going to pack something “just in case you might need it,” then leave it at home.

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Use packing cubes to save space in your suitcase. I also recommend getting small organizing bags for your toiletries, makeup, cords, and jewelry. You should also bring a laundry bag to keep your clean and dirty clothes separate.

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Make sure your laptop is easily accessible in your bag when you go through airport security.

Bring an oven mitt for your straightener and curling iron. This way, if you have to pack your curling iron or straightener while they’re still hot, you can safely store them in your suitcase.

Bring dryer sheets for your suitcase to keep your luggage smelling fresh.

Pack socks and other small items in your shoes to save space in your suitcase.

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Do you have any other travel tips and hacks? If so, share your advice with us in the comments below!
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