Oia, Santorini, Greece

As the most famous of the Greek islands, no trip to Greece is complete without a visit to Santorini. An island rich in architecture, culture, and natural beauty, Santorini has something for everyone!

Santorini is one of the Best Greek Isalnds To Visit! So if you’re looking for stunning villages, incredible sunsets, and delicious food, look no further than Santorini.

Every Greek adventure needs to include Santorini! So here are the five best things to do when you’re here!
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Oia is the most famous village in Santorini, known for its whitewashed buildings, blue domes, pedestrian roads, and sunsets. Every street, staircase, and turn brings you to a breathtaking view of the sea or town.

You must see the sunset here! The ruins of Oia Castle, also called Fort Londsa, is the most popular spot to watch the sunset. But no matter what time of year you visit, this relatively small spot will be packed with people. It took me two tries and a two-hour wait to see the sunset from here.

So, I recommend making a reservation at a restaurant facing west. This way, you can have an unobstructed view of the sunset while you relax and sip a cocktail. Here’s an article on the best Santorini restaurants with a view.

Other places to visit are the old windmills and at least one of the 70 churches in the town.

You should also walk down to Amoudi Bay for great views of the town from below. Most people just snap a few pics and then take a taxi back to the top of the island. But you should walk past all the restaurants (to the left, if you’re looking out at the sea), following a little footpath around the bend.

After about a 5-10 minute walk, you’ll see a cliff jumping spot on a little island just offshore. But even if you don’t want to swim, the views of the cliffs and sea are beautiful here.

Santorini, Greece

Hike From Fira To Oia

This hike is about 6.5 miles/10.5 kilometers along the caldera edge of the island. It takes you through the villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli and gives you stunning views of the entire western side of the island.

Plan to spend about half a day on this hike because you’ll want to stop in the towns for some snacks, refreshments, and sight-seeing.

I recommend starting early in the morning and bringing plenty of water for the stretches between towns. The route is well-marked and well-traveled, but the trail isn’t for strollers or bikes.

Pro Tip: entering “Fira to Oia” on Google Maps will give you a walking route that skips some of the best photo spots. You should stay on a footpath almost the whole time. If you’re walking on a road with cars (except for one short stretch between Imerovigli and Oia), you’re on the wrong path and missing out on some stellar views.

Skaros Rock in Santorini, Greece

Skaros Rock

Visible from almost anywhere on the west side of the island, Skaros Rock is a giant rock formation near the town of Imerovigli. It was once home to a castle that protected the island from pirates. And ruins of the castle can still be seen on top of Skaros Rock.

Start at the Grace Santorini Hotel in Imerovigli. Then go past the Church of Agios Georgics, and you’ll see the path to Skaros. You’ll climb down for a while and then come to another church at the bottom of the rock formation. You can take a steep path up to the top of the rock, but the views from the base are spectacular if the climb isn’t for you.

I’d rate this hike as moderately difficult because there’s some steep elevation gain. So, bring water, don’t go in the middle of the day, and take lots of breaks to enjoy the views.

It’s about an hour’s walk (round trip) to Skaros Rock from Imerovigli. But even if you’re not going to climb, give yourself enough time to explore the base of the rock. From here, you can see the entire west side of the island along the caldera.

Santorini, Greece

Sail Around Santorini

As beautiful as the island is when you’re on it, you need to see Santorini from the water.

There are many options for sailing around the island – yacht tours, private tours, group tours, etc. So you should be able to find a boating excursion that suits your budget, time frame, and interests. I did the Santorini Platinum: Luxurious Small-Group Catamaran Cruise and loved it.

Some tours go to different beaches around Santorini or visit nearby islands. Others stop so you can swim in hot springs or snorkel. And some boats anchor so you can eat dinner on the water and watch the sunset. I highly recommend this last option!

Food Tour in Santorini, Greece

Food Tour

No trip to Santorini is complete without a food tour. Because of its fertile volcanic soil, the island is also renowned for its vineyards, so I’d choose a food tour that also includes a wine tasting.

I did the Eat & Walk Santorini Food Tour, which included a wine, beer, food, and olive oil tasting. This tour also doubled as a walking tour of the town of Fira.

My favorite dishes were tomato gefthedes (tomato fritters), saganaki (fried cheese in filo pastry covered in honey), and moussaka. And I loved every wine and beer I tried!

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    Santorini has been high on my bucket list forEVER! These photos are gorgeous, thanks for sharing fun things to do!
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