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Whether you’re on a tropical vacation, walking on a boardwalk, exploring a city, or having a staycation, you need the right Spring and Summer clothes! So here are my warm-weather essentials.

yacht cruise in Santorini, Greece
Spring and Summer clothes high waist shorts

High Waist Shorts

spring and summer clothes maxi dress

Maxi Dress

Sling Sandals

Sling Sandals

spring and summer clothes lemon 2 piece

Lemon 2 Piece

spring and summer clothes romper


spring and summer clothes ruffled dress

Ruffled Dress

What To Wear In Conservative Countries flowy pants

Flowy Pants

cute and comfy overalls

Cute & Comfy Overalls

spring and summer clothes jumpsuit


Chiffon Blouse

Chiffon Blouse

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals

Spring and Summer clothes crop top

Crop Top

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