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Flights aren’t the most fun or glamorous parts of a trip. Even on an un-eventful or short flight, the process of flying requires a lot of preparation and can be stressful.

I’ve lost count of how many flights I’ve taken, which means I’ve encountered almost every problem, delay, and luggage issue you could think of.

Many aspects of flying are out of your control, but this guide will make sure you’re as informed and prepared as possible to rock your next flight.

So here are the best ways to have a better flying experience!
Ways to have a better flying experience

If possible, only pack a carry-on bag. This way, you won’t risk lost or delayed luggage.

Avoid overpacking.

Get an electronic luggage tag to track your bag and protect your contact information.

Have the right bags to stay organized when you travel.

Bring your own carry-on essentials – pillow, headphones, eye mask, etc. – to keep from having to use the airline ones.

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If you’re a U.S. citizen, have TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry to make going through security and customs easier and faster.

Check-in online to avoid the kiosk lines at the airport.

Arrive at the airport in plenty of time to keep from being rushed and to account for gate or terminal changes

If you’re flying with another person, choose an aisle and window seat. This way, as long as the flight isn’t full, there’s a good chance no one will be between you. And if someone is in the middle seat, you can always ask them to switch with one of you.

Ways to have a better flying experience

Charge all of your electronics before boarding, and have a portable charger with you. 

Download movies, music, and ebooks to keep from having to pay for onboard WiFi.

Bring your own snacks to save money and make sure you always have something to eat when you need food.

Wear layers on the airplane. This will save space in your bag, and you’ll be comfortable regardless of the plane’s temperature.

Chew gum during takeoff and landing to help your ears pop and adjust to the altitude changes.

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Bring wipes to clean your seat space – armrests, tray table, etc. – and have plenty of hand sanitizer with you.

Move around during your flight to keep your muscle movement, circulation, and digestive system normal.

Take an immune supplement to help your body fight off germs. I also double my vitamin intake for a couple of days leading up to a flight.

Drink water instead of coffee, soda, and alcohol. The more hydrated you are before and on a flight, the better you’re going to feel on and after your plane ride.

If you have to sleep in an airport, check out the Sleeping in Airports website for guides, tips, and advice for sleeping at most major airports.

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Do you have more ways to have a better flying experience? If so, share with us in the comments!
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