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Spain The Best Destinations to Visit in May

This is a “round-up” post based on my experiences and recommendations from Lonely Planet, The Blonde Abroad, and Condé Nast Traveler.

Kick-start your summer early by traveling in May! The Northern Hemisphere is particularly beautiful this month because the flowers will be blooming, the weather will be warm and sunny, and the summer crowds won’t have descended yet.

May is also an excellent month for African safaris because it’s the start of the dry season. Wildlife will be easier to spot as they gather around waterholes. And the vegetation will still be lush from last month’s rains.

So here are the best destinations to visit in May!
Greece best destinations for solo female travelers


May is the perfect month to visit Greece! The weather is warm but not sweltering hot (like it is in June, July, and August), and the water will be warm enough for swimming, snorkeling, boating, and diving.

All of the islands will fully open. And internal flights, buses, and ferries will be operating at full capacity.

Visiting Greece in May means you’ll skip the Easter crowds and will beat the summer peak prices and tourist numbers.

Botswana The Best Destinations to Visit in May


May in Botswana is great for the weather and your budget! This is the start of the dry season, so wildlife will be more visible around the water holes, and the landscape will still be lush from the rainy season.

The travel costs in May are very budget-friendly for an African safari because this is before the peak season.

Chobe is one of the best national parks in the country, and it has one of Africa’s largest concentrations of elephants. So you’ll want it on your itinerary!

Croatia The Best Destinations to Visit in May


In Croatia, May brings warm weather, and the water will be warm enough for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. May is the shoulder season, so it’s a perfect balance between smaller crowds, good weather, and more affordable prices.

The popular places – Split, Dubrovnik, Plitvice National Park – will start to get crowded, so visit these places earlier in the month. Then head to the northern wine regions to escape the increasing crowds.

U.K. The Best Destinations to Visit in May

United Kingdom

You should still be able to see the country’s spring blooms in May, and you’ll have a good chance of experiencing sunny days. It is the United Kingdom, though, so always have a raincoat and a layer, especially in the northern part of the country.

May is a shoulder travel month, so prices and crowds will be less than in the summer. Everything – hikes, roads, parks – will be open and accessible. And the beaches are a must-visit destination in the country before the summer crowds overrun them.

New York City The Best Destinations to Visit in May

New York City

“The Big Apple” is stunning in May. The city will be covered in flowers, sunshine, and warm temperatures.

May isn’t a peak travel month for NYC, so the famous tourist spots won’t be as crowded. And if you wander off-the-beaten-path some, you’ll find that New York can be refreshingly un-crowded, tranquil, and relaxing in May.

The Best Destinations to Visit in May


The highlight of Peru is Machu Picchu, and the Inca Trail is at its best in May because this is the shoulder season and the start of the dry season.

So crowds and prices will be relatively low. And the landscape will be lush from the rainy season, but the trails will be dry.

Peru’s beaches and dunes in the south are especially un-crowded during May.

Malta The Best Destinations to Visit in May


If you’re looking for a Mediterranean destination to visit in May, then Malta is for you! This archipelago – home to Europe’s smallest capital city and a fantastic blend of European and African culture – has perfect weather in May.

The days will be warm and sunny, and the water will be warm enough to swim in turquoise lagoons and dive in hidden coves.

May is also a pleasant time to explore the islands’ ruins before they get too hot and crowded in the summer.

Spain The Best Destinations to Visit in May


This is a fantastic month to visit Spain because the days are warm, the skies are clear, and the water is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, diving, and boating.

May is still in Spain’s shoulder season, so the crowds and costs will be lower than in the summer months.

The beaches will start to fill up towards the end of the month, so start your trip on the coast and then move inland to stay ahead of the crowds.

Cape Verde The Best Destinations to Visit in May

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is another fantastic archipelago to visit in May. Here, you’ll have your choice of deserts, beaches, hot springs, and picturesque cities to explore.

These islands are becoming more and more popular, so plan a trip here before this archipelago is overrun with tourists during its almost year-round fantastic weather.

Fun Fact: Cape Verde is known as the Galápagos Islands of Africa.

Poland The Best Destinations to Visit in May


Visiting Poland in May means you’ll have the least chance of rain all year. This is the end of the shoulder season, so prices and tourist numbers won’t be at their peak.

Both the cities and forests will be pleasant and accessible for you to explore.

Pro Tip: The weather in Poland is unpredictable, so always have a rain jacket and a layer if you get cold – just in case!

Poland is also one of my Top Budget Destinations Around The World!
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