The best destinations for solo female travelers

I’ve felt safe everywhere I’ve traveled solo. And except for warring and ultra-conservative countries, I believe that, with the right preparation, mindset, and “street smarts,” you can be safe and confident traveling solo most places in the world.

But some destinations are more comfortable and less stressful for solo female travelers, especially first-time solo travelers. All of the places on this list are well-traveled, have reliable infrastructure (public transportation, internet, etc.), and don’t require women to wear specific clothing.

I’ve compiled this list based on my personal experience, the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, well-established tourist infrastructure, safety standards, and popularity with other solo travelers.

So here are the best destinations for solo female travelers!
The best destinations for solo female travelers

United States

The U.S. is my home country. I have two “home bases” in Chicago, Illinois, where my sister lives, and in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where my parents live. The U.S. is a vast country with A LOT to do and see.

I think road trips are the best way to experience the U.S., especially if you’re visiting the National Parks. If you don’t want to drive, then domestic flights are your best option for seeing different parts of the country. Another option is the train tours Amtrak offers throughout the country.

My favorite places and experiences in the U.S. are the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, New Orleans, Napa Valley, San Antonio, Great Smokey Mountains National Park, Seattle, Joshua Tree National Park, and the Grand Canyon.

Some U.S. destinations that are great for solo female travelers are Chicago, New York City, San Diego, San Franciso, Portland, and Charleston.

The summer has excellent weather for every region in the country, but this is the peak tourist season. If you’re in the U.S. in the Winter, New England or the Rocky Mountain states are best for snow sports, and Florida is your best bet if you want to escape the cold. The Southeast and Northeast are beautiful in the Fall, and I think Spring is best for the cities and National Parks in the Midwest, Southwest, West, and Pacific Coast.

Canada best destinations for solo female travelers


Canada has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. It’s the cleanest and friendliest country I’ve ever visited. But keep in mind that Canada is massive, so factor in plenty of transportation time in your itinerary.

Banff and Jasper are must-visit places when you’re here, but the country is full of other fantastic national parks with outdoor activities for the leisurely hiker or the adventure junkie.

Toronto and Vancouver are beautiful cities with great art, music, and food scenes. And Montreal, on its island in the Saint Lawrence River, gives you a unique look into the French colonial past.

I think September-November is the best time to visit Canada because the crowds have thinned, prices have dropped, the Fall foliage is beautiful, and the weather isn’t too cold yet. But Canada can be visited year-round for very different experiences. In Winter, Canada becomes a Winter Wonderland, with the larger cities looking straight out of a Christmas magazine.

The Spring is wetter, but the wildflowers are stunning, and the crowds and prices are still relatively low. Summer has the warmest and best weather, but be prepared to have other people in all of your photos.

Greece best destinations for solo female travelers


Greece’s islands and ancient ruins make it an iconic destination. This country has it all – food, culture, history, the arts, hiking, sailing, and more! Greece is also the eighth most visited country in the world, so you will have an easy time navigating the country.

On the mainland, you have to spend at least a couple of days in Athens. This city is the birthplace of democracy and some of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. Here’s my 2-Day Athens Itinerary, and I also recommend venturing out of the city on one of these fantastic day trips.

The Meteora Monasteries in Central Greece are also a must-visit destination. The landscape and buildings here are some of the most beautiful and unique that I’ve ever encountered.

When you head to the islands, opt for one of my Top Greek Islands To Visit, which includes the famous Santorini and Mykonos, along with some lesser-known isles.

May and September are the best times to visit Greece. The crowds and prices aren’t at their peak, but it’s warm enough to swim and lounge on the beaches. June – August is expensive and crowded. From October – March, the islands are mostly closed, and the mainland is cold with frequent rain and snow. April is an excellent time to visit the mainland, but it’ll still be a bit chilly if you want to swim.

Saint Lucia travel guide
Saint Lucia travel guide
Best things to do in saint lucia
Saint Lucia travel guide

Saint Lucia

St. Lucia is usually associated with honeymoons and romantic getaways. But this island is jam-packed with adventure and leisure activities than any solo female traveler would enjoy.

There is no dress requirement for female travelers in St. Lucia. Many visitors to the island never change out of swimsuits and flip flops. Most restaurants (even casual ones) have dress codes, though, so you’ll want a swimsuit coverup or clothes to change into.

The best months to visit St. Lucia are November – April because of the incredible weather and because all restaurants, tours, and accommodations will be open. If you need to save some money, then you could visit in May, which is the shoulder season. Prices are cheapest from June – October, but this is the rainy season, and hurricanes are possible.

St. Lucia is one of the Best Destinations To Visit In December!
Thailand best destinations for solo female travelers


Thailand is a popular destination for backpackers, making it a great budget destination for solo female travelers. The country has an excellent ferry, bus, train, and domestic flight system for getting around.

There is no dress requirement for female travelers in Thailand, but to be respectful and to blend in, you’ll want to refrain from wearing tank tops, short shorts, or crop tops. And when you visit temples, you’ll need to have your shoulders and above your knees covered.

Pro Tip: Always carry a scarf with you in case you need to cover up temporarily.

The best months to visit mainland Thailand are November – January, and the best time to visit the islands is November – March. This is the peak season when tourist numbers and prices will be higher (though still relatively cheap compared to many other countries). But April – June is miserably hot, February – April is the burning season in the north, and July – October is monsoon season.

Thailand is also one of my Top Budget Destinations Around The World!
The best destinations for solo female travelers

Western Europe

This region is one of the most-visited parts of the world. That means this is a really safe destination to ease yourself into solo travel. Plus, there’s so much to do and see here!

You can take a road trip through Spain and Portugal, do extreme sports in Switzerland, backpack through England and Germany, explore Italy’s coastlines, or taste your way through France’s wine regions. So whatever kind of trip you want to have, Western Europe has it.

June through August is the peak travel season for Western Europe when temperatures, prices, and tourist numbers are at their highest. I recommend the shoulder season from April-May or September when it’s still warm enough to be at the beaches and costs and crowds are less.

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Now that you have some of the best options for solo female travelers, here’s how to narrow down your choices and Choose The Perfect Destination For Your First Solo Trip!

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